WATCH: Air Force Vet Passes Law Requiring EVERY SINGLE Member of Congress To…

When true conservatives are given the keys to the nation, we see fair laws and a just system for everyone. The Left just doesn’t believe that.

On Thursday, the Republican House of Representatives passed the first law intended to repeal Obamacare. However, the media isn’t reporting that an Air Force veteran added in a clause requiring politicians to participate in the system. Finally!

One of the biggest flaws of Obamacare was that politicians were exempt from the law. In other words, it didn’t affect them, while the rest of us suffered. The mainstream media barely covered that little fact.

Fortunately, politicians are now going to be held accountable for their laws, and this is a good start. We cannot allow politicians to be treated differently than the rest of us. We will drain the swamp.

After eight years of Obama, we never saw accountability in the capitol. They dined on expensive food, while the rest of us cut our budgets in half. Because of Obamacare, employers would rather hire part-time employees to escape the toxic law.

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With Obamacare on its way out the door, what will happen to the economy? The answer is simple: the economy will improve! We will start to see more full-time jobs with benefits. Employers hated paying for Obamacare. Why hire someone full-time when you can contract out the work? Who wants to invest in full-time employees when it will ruin your business because of a leftist law? Liberals just don’t understand business.

The Left hates business. They would rather live in a socialist nightmare than contribute to the economy. Thankfully, we elected Donald Trump to reverse this awful trend. With Trump in office, we will reject socialism.

The mainstream media is so sympathetic to socialism. It is ridiculous. Our country was built on capitalism, not socialism. The media tries to hide the truth, but they are awful at lying. They are so favorable to the Left that conservative voices are routinely silenced.

When we elected Donald Trump, we rejected the mainstream media’s lies, but they still won’t give up. We still hear them bash conservatism and Trump. When will it end?

We need more true conservatives in office and on the news. We are finally starting to see conservatives stand up against liberal oppression. We will not be silenced by their nonsense. After the Berkeley riots, it is clear that liberals will do anything to silence conservatives.

The Left just doesn’t care. They want to be the only ones allowed to speak. According to liberals, free speech is only for them. Not anymore, liberals. We will be heard. We voted in Donald Trump; we did NOT vote in the Clinton family.


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