WATCH: Al Sharpton Gets Called Out On Live TV For Telling Black People To Kill Cops

Did Al Sharpton really think his controversial comments would go unquestioned forever?

Fox News Reporter Jesse Watters confronted Al Sharpton for remarks he made in 1992 when he called on members of the black community to kill cops and white people.

Considering how easy it was for Watters to interview Sharpton, it is amazing that he manages to avoid the IRS.

Watters questioned Sharpton on comments he made at a rally in the 1990s at the height of a racial tension. Speaking to an all black crowd, Sharpton told his followers to “off the pigs.”

Now, after being questioned, Sharpton is attempting to hide between weasel words to avoid responsibility for his comments.

The reality is that Sharpton told his followers that they need to stand by their beliefs, and if you believe in offing white people or the police, then you better go and do it.

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Somehow, despite the calls to violence, Sharpton has managed to rise to prominence as a leader of the black community and an advocate for civil rights.

Yet his rise to acclaim has been followed by a dark past. As Watters mentions, the IRS are still after Al Sharpton for the over $4.5 million he owes in taxes. The reverend has a taste for finer things and he skips out on taxes to afford his lavish lifestyle.

Not only has he avoided paying payroll taxes on his for-profit business, but he also abuses the tax code by paying for personal expenses through his charity. Donors to Al Sharpton help pay for his tailored suits, and even his daughter’s private school education. (via New York Times)

Al Sharpton is a fraud and a con-artist. He does not care about black people, and he is happy to use them as a claim to fame.

He has proven that he is willing to say anything to rile a crowd, and he cares more about lining his pocket than the plight of black Americans. It’s high time he pay for his crimes, and the cost of his words.


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