WATCH: Al Sharpton Just Vowed To Torture ESPN In Race-Baiting Shakedown Over Suspension Of Jemele Hill ⋆ US Herald

Despite the fact that Jemele Hill is a sportscaster and a paid employee of ESPN, she actually considers herself an independent political black activist, as demonstrated last month when the co-host of “Sports Center” took to social media and posted that President Trump is a “white supremacist.”

Moreover rather than being suspended or even reprimanded for the slanderous remark, ESPN simply brushed the incident under the rug with a mild and brief apology to the president stating the sportscaster’s words  “do not represent the position” of the network, then commenting that Hill had been spoken to and “recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”


However, within less than a month renegade sportscaster Hill’s was at it again telling Dallas Cowboy fans to take indirect action against owner Jerry Jones if he forces his players to stand for the National Anthem.

“Change happens when advertisers are impacted,” Hill posted on social media apparently reneging on her promise to ESPN, not to post anything deemed politically inappropriate. If you strongly reject what Jerry Jones said, the key is his advertisers.”

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Her action prompted ESPN to reluctantly suspend her for two weeks, stating briefly “Jemele Hill has been suspended for two weeks for a second violation of our social media guidelines. She previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with an impulsive tweet,” which immediately brought the wrath of “social justice” advocates like Al Sharpton saying the suspension “should NOT go unanswered. ESPN and advertisers will hear from us!”

Simply put Sharpton will no doubt target advertisers and ESPN  with demonstrations and protests and even boycotts,  that’s his specialty

Perhaps it worth noting that ESPN didn’t show that same benevolent attitude when it fired former major league pitcher and conservative sportscaster Curt Schilling when he posted on social media his objection to recent laws allowing transgender people to use whichever bathroom they wish. Then ESPN claimed Schilling’s post violated a company policy prohibiting analysts from discussing politics.

Perhaps we should all feel bad for ESPN, however in hindsight, “what goes around comes around.”

Do you think ESPN like the NFL is actually responsible for creating its own problems?


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