WATCH – Anti-Obama Song ROCKS The Internet – 450,000 Have Watched It!

Sometimes, there’s just no better way to show your disgust at a politician than with a song.

This song, “Mr. Scam Man,” by Dan Roberts, is just the way to put a skip in your step this morning. “Scam Man, don’t touch a thing, take more vacation time and work on your swing!” 


The song says it all, doesn’t it?

Obama made some big promises during both of his campaigns, and then did the opposite of what he said he would.

Some people, I know plenty of them, actually thought Obama would make our lives easier. But, eight years later, he’s made everything a whole lot harder.

The song also, rightfully, takes a hit at Obama’s experience. There are many liberal snowflakes in colleges today who think that following in Obama’s footsteps and graduating from a prestigious college, only to become a “community organizer,” will work for them.

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Gee, wait until the real world hits them…

The truth is, telling people what to do and having them following your liberal agenda doesn’t qualify you for many real jobs. It should never have qualified Barack Obama to be our President.

Thankfully, it sounds like we’ve learned our lesson. Our new President-Elect is one of the oldest in history. He’s got ample experience in the most important problem facing our nation– our economy and job growth. He’s been successful at this already!

Besides, Donald Trump, unlike Barack Obama, is not a micro-manager. He knows how to appoint experts who, like him, have years of success, great experience, and who know how to get the job done.

I couldn’t be more thrilled about his General Mattis and Jeff Sessions picks. Looking good so far!

Finally, we will be able to put Mr. Scam Man behind us!


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