WATCH: Armed Robber Learns Lesson Of A Lifetime When He Tries To Hold Up A Gun Store

Trying to outgun a gun store owner is not a good idea.

Trying to outgun a gun store owner highly trained in the tools of his trade and ready for trouble is close to suicide.

But that’s exactly what two thugs did at the Dixie Gun and Pawn Shop outside Atlanta on the day after Christmas, and a video posted on YouTube this week has the graphic results for all to see.

It’s a lesson to business owners who want to safeguard their own lives, the lives of their customers, and the property they stand ready to protect. And It should be a lesson to criminals everywhere.

Plus, it should serve to remind all Americans of the importance of preserving Second Amendment rights in an age when liberals are all too eager to impose as many gun restrictions as possible on private citizens.

Check out here what happened when the gun shop owner and an employee were confronted. Be advised the video is extremely graphic.


Store owner Jimmy Groover told 11 Alive in Atlanta that the two gunmen who tried to rob his store that evening had made their intention crystal clear.

“’Get down on the floor, get down on the floor or I’ll kill you,’” the men ordered, as Groover recalled. “Then they shot at me.”

That was a big mistake. Groover, who had a sidearm of his own, returned fire, fatally wounding one of the men while the other fled.

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Detectives told 11 Alive charges against Groover were unlikely, since he apparently killed the man in self-defense.

Brutal stuff, but there’s more to it than a real-life video game moment.

As Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens pointed out in a post this week, the time that elapsed between when Groover became aware of the robbery and when bullets started flying was about four seconds.

To most people, that’s barely enough time to sneeze, but in Groover’s case it was enough time to make the decision to defend himself, and make one of his attackers pay dearly for thinking it was smart to rob a man who sells firearms for a living.

As Owens put it:

Mr. Groover is clearly a well-trained trained shooter, and he’s had a plan in his head on how he would response to a threat like this for decades. He’s likely played out robbery scenarios in his head hundreds of times, and has probably drawn and fired against simulated threats thousands of times at the range, in competitions, and/or in dry fire ….

In this incident at Dixie Gun and Pawn, the robbers had the advantages of surprise and numerical superiority. They still lost because Mr. Groover had solid training, good skills, and a plan that his mind automatically loaded and executed when the threat presented itself.

And that’s the lesson for business owners, and gun owners in general. Having a gun alone isn’t enough to be considered “armed.” Proper training and practice is vital to being effective with a firearm as a weapon of self-defense.

The lesson for the criminals?

Trying to outgun a gun store owner is rarely a good idea. It’s a decision they’ll live to regret — if they’re lucky.

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