WATCH: Ben Carson Stormed the Stage Last Night, Moments Later Trump Got Surprise of a Lifetime

Dr. Ben Carson is the man with the plan and that is exactly why Donald Trump and the rest of America love him so much.

Now the best brain surgeon is America is making waves again.

Dr. Carson went on Hannity last night and dropped a bomb that Hillary Clinton has been BEGGING America to ignore.

“Certainly as a person gets older, the number of medical conditions that we have to watch for increases, which is one of the reasons that we strongly suggest as you get older that you have at least an annual examination,” Carson began.

I think we can all agree on this. Health fails as you get older so regular examinations are important.

However, that’s when he got REAL:

“If you’re going into a very important position like this, it’s critical…”Also, recognize that the presidency is not a nine-to-five job. It is extraordinarily grueling and you need to have everything going for you,” said Carson.

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But Ben Carson is not just a guy who points out problems. Dr. Carson is a man who finds solutions, and the solution to understanding Hillary Clinton’s health is pretty simple:

“There are standardized mental examinations, many mental exams, about 30 questions. You could get a very quick assessment in terms of what’s going on.”

There you go. We could have her health evaluation out of the way in under an hour and never have to worry about it again.

Plus, if Hillary is as healthy as she said, she has nothing to hide.

You wanna know whose health is not in question? Donald Trump.

That is because Donald Trump is full of energy and his body isn’t breaking down every 10 seconds. He is the right man to run our country and help restore us.

Let’s see if we can make Dr. Carson’s ideas big enough that Hillary will be forced to take her medical exam. Then she will be forced to drop out, taking the most dangerous person in America out of the picture.

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