WATCH – Black Mom Does UNTHINKABLE To Son For Supporting TRUMP, It’s All On Video!

Oh my! There is no other way to begin this, but with utter shock. If the police are not investigating this incident, they should be.

“We don’t do Donald Trump here. Now get your suitcase. Bye,” the mother in the now viral video, said to her little boy.


The shocked and bewildered little boy is shown crying relentlessly while staring at the bag his mother packed for him and say by the door. Only a monster would treat a child this way.

“Since you voted for Donald Trump you can get your s**t and get out,” the mother is heard sternly saying to her very own son. The little boy must have cast a ballot for the president-elect during a mock election at his school.

Holding a mock presidential election at public schools has been a common custom. They’ve been great learning experiences for children for decades, teaching them about current events and democratic participation. This is, at least hopefully, the only time a parent has betrayed their sacred duty to keep their child safe because of a vote written in crayon!

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The mother didn’t even wait until her little boy had breakfast to kick him out. In the video she tells him that his bag of clothes, which had been packed earlier that morning, is waiting for him by the door.

“As a matter of fact, get your sign [Donald Trump sign, presumably] so when people see you standing out there, they know why,” the wretched woman said. She doesn’t deserve the privilege of carrying a child. The boy is obviously distraught throughout the entire nearly three minute ordeal. It may have even been longer, judging by how much the sun has risen between the first and second shots.

The child curls up against a wall and cries vehemently as his mother shoves his handmade Donald Trump sign at him. “Get up, come over here, come on,” she shouts, as the child tries to run away from both his mother and the camera.

The child, appearing to be in outright panic mode at this point, does what he is told and takes the Trump sign. The mother ushers him towards his waiting bag at the front door. “Bye, bye Donald Trump lover,” the mother callously says as the little boy pulls his suitcase down the sidewalk. “This where you gonna be at from now on. Why did you vote for him at school?”

The whimpering little boy tries to explain why he voted for Trump. His mother tells him he can’t come back home and tells him she hopes he finds another television to watch Trump on. The sounds of her other child crying about his or her brother being exiled is heard in the background.

This video is extremely difficult to watch. This woman is vile and should not be raising children without the strict supervision of someone with a heart!


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