WATCH – Black Woman Has ‘Positive Message’ For Trump Supporters, Look Why He’s WINNING!

Nowadays it can be difficult to find some good news if you are a Trump supporter. It seems the media hit job on him is never-ending, while the media gives Hillary’s various scandals a free pass. A Black Trump supporter is trying to counteract that, however.

She shared an uplifting video that discussed all of the great things happening with the Trump campaign, and told all of us not to listen to the polls. She described the continued phenomenon of Donald Trump, and how it is not just a presidential campaign, but a movement.

First of all, the woman pointed out that Donald Trump’s rallies are huge. Ask yourself this question: how is it that Hillary is leading Donald Trump in the polls, yet she often has to cancel events because of lack of interest?

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The answer for that is simple. It is due to liberal pollster bias and oversampling of Hillary-friendly populations. Pollsters may ask substantially more Democrats than Republicans, or they may conduct the poll in predominantly liberal areas. My friends, no matter what state you’re in there’s at least one little pocket of Liberals that pollsters can use.

The state isn’t always going to be as it appears to someone on the other side of the country. Trust the people who live in the state over pollsters and you’ll be better served. This Trump supporter lives in Hillsborough County, which is one of the major Florida jurisdictions. She can sense the atmosphere out there and she believes that Donald Trump will win Florida.

Finally, this supporter also took issue herself with the media bias that has been prevalent in this election. There is literally nothing that can be trusted anymore. Even the fact-checking websites are suspect, simply because they often also attempt to slant the facts in their direction.

She told the viewers of her viral video she was watching Fox News Business, because she has examined their coverage and bias, and trusts them to give her the right view on current issues related to the stock market. It is important to always “rightly divide the word of truth” in every news outlet you watch.

It is also important to remember that no matter what the polls says, jury is still out on this election.

Carter was ahead of Reagan even in late October, but we all know who won there. More recently, the polls for Brexit indicated an overwhelming “stay” vote. Well, England is planning on breaking away from the EU by 2019. Like this supporter says, be skeptical of the polls.

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