Watch: CBS Asks Vlad Putin About Comey's Firing… His Response Is Beyond Hilarious


Vladimir Putin was just trying to play hockey.

The Russian president seemed to be slightly confused, if not amused, by CBS News’ Elizabeth Palmer when she asked him if the firing of former FBI Director James Comey would have any impact on Russian-American relations, as though President Donald Trump and the Russian leader have some sort of relationship that could be affected by this.

It took place Wednesday in Sochi, Russia, according to CBS, when Putin gave an extremely brief interview in which he was asked about Comey’s ouster, and Putin responded, appearing a little confused, “We have nothing to do with that.”


According to The Daily Caller, Putin appeared with spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who acted as translator.

Check out the video below, and note how desperately CBS tried to make this comically blunt interview into a major news story.

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Putin assured Palmer that there would be no impact on U.S.-Russia relations because of this particular event — because why on earth would there be?


Listen, when you’re confusing Vladimir Putin, it might be that your conspiracy theories are a little convoluted.

Seriously — it’s almost as is CBS actually believes the ridiculous narrative of Russia/Trump collusion they keep spinning.

The fact of the matter is that Putin had nothing to do with Comey’s firing. At all. He could not care less about it, because Russia has — I’ll say it again — nothing to do with Comey’s firing.

Not only does he not care, but he evidently finds it pretty funny when the hapless mainstream media thinks he does.


And so do we.

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