WATCH – Chicago Man Beaten By Black Anti-Trump Mob Speaks Out

Yesterday we posted a video of a man that took a brutal beating at the hands of BLM thugs, and today he is speaking out to provide a bit more insight to what happened.

After being sideswiped by the men who eventually beat him, he stated, “I stopped and parked. And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew they were beating the s— out of me.”


You have to wonder, did they hit him for the sole purpose of getting him out of his car to give him a beating.

It is actually pretty amazing that he is even walking around today and not on the hospital.

I was disgusted by the liberal reaction the video as I scanned social media yesterday.

The overwhelming sentiment by liberals was this man got what he deserved for voting for Trump.

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It was the same outrage I experienced over the young child whose mother thought for some reason it would be funny to kick her young son out of the house because he voted for Trump during a mock election and then put the entire thing up on social media.

Liberals say they want racism to end, but the beating this man took tells a much different story. Five black men get out of their car to beat a white man for supporting Trump and that is somehow not racist?

Tell me the difference between this incident and something that caused national outrage years ago, the Rodney King video. The Rodney King incident was somehow racially driven but this one was not?

I personally do not know a single soul that would not like racism ended altogether. However, I am also a realist and realize there is a bit of racism in everyone, but most sensible people are able to overcome this and treat all people with respect.

When the mainstream media spews venom and fails to cover incidents such as this, overt racism will never end because they are not being fair in their coverage.

Our country is at a massive turning point and I can only hope liberal representatives wake up and address incidents such as this with as much disdain and zeal as they do to made up Donald Trump quotes.


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