Watch: Farmer's Pilot Buddy Makes Epic Drop That Would Give Feds a Heart Attack


A North Dakota pilot has been getting all kinds of attention after he made an amazing delivery for his buddy.

Nathan Howatt, 23, was flying back from a dentist appointment in Devils Lake when he made made a special delivery for his friend, Mitchell Wirth, who happened to be swathing canola in the middle of a field near Munich.

The delivery was a Subway sandwich, dropped from his plane.


That’s right. Howatt dropped the sandwich while he was flying rather low over Wirth’s field, and it landed right on target.

Wirth said his six inch toasted Subway melt with pepper jack cheese, ranch and banana peppers made the landing in good condition, and it was still warm.

Howatt called it a Subway Melt care package.


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We call it pretty spectacular.

Wirth captured the delivery on his phone and shared it on Facebook. Subway even shared the video, which helped spread the word about how far some people will go to help out a buddy.

Howatt’s delivery was a practical solution to an everyday problem, but unfortunately it was a solution that the FAA did not appreciate. In fact, Howatt told KVRR that the FAA slapped him with a fine since what he did was against the law.


Possibly chastened by the fine, Howatt told the Grand Forks Herald that he did not condone this type of flying and was shocked that that video went viral.

We’re not shocked, however, because it was definitely an outstanding delivery.

We can see the danger in this delivery, but this was one situation where it might have been nice if the government would have kept its nose out of someone else’s business.

The government might not have liked what Howatt did, but plenty of other people did, as the video has been viewed more than 10.5 million times and shared some 63,000 times.

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