WATCH: ‘Fox & Friends’ Show Interrupted by Protester Screaming “Bill Clinton Is A…”

A prankster crashed a Fox News segment Saturday morning to get his message about Bill Clinton across. It’s a message that should have both Bill and Hillary hanging their heads in shame — if they were capable of it.

The incident occurred a few minutes before 8 a.m. as “Fox & Friends” hosts Tucker Carlson, Abby Huntsman and Ed Henry stood outside the building in midtown Manhattan, and introduced a segment on a charity event.

The young man, who appeared to be in his 20s hopped onto a security barrier, revealed a T-shirt with the former president’s face above the word “rape,” and repeatedly yelled, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

The man managed to yell the phrase about five times before security guards forcibly removed him.

The news team was obviously surprised — and amused — by the man’s antics.

“We’ve got a very excited young man behind us,” show co-host Tucker Carlson joked.

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You’ve got to hand it to this young man for his bravery.

The incident could have been connected to a bet made by conservative radio host Alex Jones, who said on Friday he would pay $5,000 to anyone who managed to say “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on live television for more than five seconds.

Whatever the reason for the “Fox & Friends” prank, one this is certain — the man got quite a bit of attention. It’s the kind of attention that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton can do without. Bill Clinton’s past has returned to haunt and embarrass the former senator.

The former secretary of state has yet to explain how she can honestly say she wants every woman’s voice to be heard while simultaneously suppressing her husband’s alleged victims. We don’t expect to ever hear an explanation.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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