WATCH: Guns N’ Roses Sends VIOLENT Message To Trump – BOYCOTT THEM.

Do you notice that it’s all the has-beens who are making the most noise against President Trump? They’re trying to give their careers one last revival with an attention-grabbing publicity stunt.

The latest losers to pit themselves against Trump and America is the rock band Guns N’Roses. In a hugely disrespectful move, Axl Rose and company bashed a Trump piñata on stage during a concert in Mexico. That’s low!

It is disturbing to see the level of depravity to which these “artists” have sunk in a quest to remain culturally relevant. They have no sense of decency or morality. Axl Rose would likely go to extreme and criminal measures if it meant he could sell records.

To make the situation worse, Guns N’ Roses invited members of the audience on stage to beat the Trump piñata. They’re openly letting citizens of a foreign nation disrespect our President–and our country!

When’s the last time Guns N’ Roses made a good album? Not only that; Axl Rose has reallylet himself go. A person who takes so little care of his body must have zero self-respect. It’s unsurprising that he has no respect for this nation.

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It’s sad to see how willing media and entertainment figures are to incite violence against the President of the United States. They’ll laugh and cheer while imagining him being killed. Madonna and Johnny Depp, anyone? These people are nothing but losers.

 No matter how low they go, you won’t see Leftists apologize. They always excuse themselves by saying that Obama was also the target of this kind of treatment. Excuse me? Are we living in the same country?

The media treated Obama like a prince. Anyone who criticized his politics was called racist. Can you imagine if a notable figure had gone as far as to bash an Obama piñata in public? Their career would have been over!

Did insignificant, unknown people depict violence against Obama? Probably. There are crazy loons everywhere. But influential figures on the Right NEVER did anything to suggest or incite violence. Now, however, pundits, celebrities, and many others are openly calling for harm to Trump. They should know better.

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in the US. Never before has violence been so normalized. But it makes sense. We’ve never had a President like Trump before. He is free of obligations to the special interests that have controlled our government for so long. Trump is the one person who can truly clean up Washington.

Guns N’ Roses can continue with their little juvenile games. It doesn’t change the fact that they’re washed up. Axl Rose is going to slide further and further into irrelevancy. No one cares about him anymore.

At the end of the day, Trump will still be President–no matter what any of these idiot celebrities do or say. Remember: WE who elected Trump are the majority. We have the power now. Let the liberal tears flow!

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