WATCH: Harry Reid Throws Temper Tantrum On Air After Being Asked About Trump

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s sharp rise in the polls over the last few weeks has angered many Democrats who were sure that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton had an insurmountable lead.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was one of those Democrats who just couldn’t seem to handle reality. The Washington Free Beacon reported that during an interview with CNN, Reid had a complete meltdown and went on a rant against polls that have showed Trump ahead of Clinton.

CNN’s Manu Raju asked Reid what Clinton could do to make up for her lost ground, and Reid lost it.

He slammed CNN and claimed that they are fabricating these polls just to make headlines.

“You listen to me,” Reid stated. “You keep going back to your numbers. Your numbers are not fair. They’re not reliable.”

“They’re tightening because people like the ones you work for get these cheap polls that they can keep making news on,” he said when Ranju asked if Democrats were getting nervous about the polls.

Ironically, Reid’s reaction answered Ranju’s question quite nicely. Democrats aren’t just nervous — they are completely losing their minds over the possibility that the American people aren’t going to vote for their corrupt presidential nominee.

Ranju, apparently not pleased by Reid’s outburst, fired back at him and asked if it was acceptable for the Senate minority leader to attack a presidential candidate on the Senate floor — something Reid did both this year and back in 2012.

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“You did the same against Mitt Romney in 2012. Is it OK for the Senate minority leader to use the Senate floor to overtly campaign against a presidential candidate?” Ranju asked.

Reid claimed that he had an obligation to “point out things that are wrong,” before once again criticizing the poll numbers.

You can watch his immature, reality-straining tantrum here:

Democrats like Reid are having a tough time accepting reality right now. Unfortunately for them, their refusal to recognize that their candidate has been floundering lately will only make their predicament worse.

Come November, Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats are likely to be in for a nasty surprise — and which polls will they complain about then?


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