WATCH: Huckabee-Sanders Blasts Out List of Dems Who Are “In The Dark”. It’s Brilliant.

Democrats seem to be tripping and falling over themselves to look foolish. They are doing a fantastic job! Sarah Huckabee-Sanders had a little fun with them during a recent press conference.

Huckabee-Sanders was filling in for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently when the media thought they would suggest that President Trump is “in the dark” on Comey, per Dennis Michael Lynch. They soon realized that they messed up big time when she WASTED them on their hypocrisy. Now they know who is REALLY in the dark — thanks to a list of Democrats she read off while LIVE on camera. These Dems just recently called for Comey to be fired during the Hillary investigation, and NOW, they think it’s a terrible thing!

Even more specifically, the “in the dark” comment was directed towards President Trump being confused over whether he wanted to fire Comey or not, and whether it was justified. We all know that the Democrats are so confused right now that they don’t know whether or not they should be happy that Comey got fired, or sickened.

Huckabee-Sanders came out swinging with this line: “If you want to talk about contradicting statements, and people that were, maybe, in the dark, how about the DEMOCRATS?”

Ouch, they must still be reeling from that one. In what could only be described as a massacre, Huckabee-Sanders started dropping names.

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She went down the list: Harry Reid, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and more. As she went down the list, she spoke of each of their hypocritical quotes regarding Comey. They sure have no problem flip-flopping when it suits their needs! Weird, right?

You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. SUDDENLY the Democrats were left speechless. We were so happy to see their distraught faces. They have had this coming for a long time!

The Left is likely going to try and brush this one off, but it is not going to be that easy. The Left has put their hypocrisy on display for the world to see. This story will NOT be featured on any of the liberal mainstream media networks; we would BET on that. If anything, they will try to turn it around and make it sound like it was a personal attack for the sake of doing it.

Their victim complex is about as big as their ego. They are both delicate, and any threat to their frame of mind is DEADLY. It is important to keep challenging them at every roadblock. They have gone out of their way to make sure that they stopped President Trump from doing anything IMPORTANT, so why wouldn’t we stop them when they want to sputter nonsense?

As time goes on, we are going to see a massive shift in the way that people view politics. It is already happening as we speak. People are abandoning the Left for the independent party, or the Right, in an attempt to leave their toxic mentality at the door. We have seen firsthand how crazy the brain can get when you are on “liberalism.” When it comes to being exposed to the liberal state of mind, some sound advice would be JUST SAY NO!


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