Watch: Judge Jeanine Humiliates Hillary With 5 Perfect Words She'll Never Forget


Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is trying to worm her way back into the political spotlight. She is coming out as the head of a new group dedicated to backing “resistance” groups fighting against the agenda President Donald Trump, reports Politico.

However, it would seem as though a lot of Americans don’t want her back.

In an interview with Fox and Friends, conservative commentator Judge Jeanine Pirro made the statement everyone is thinking — Clinton should “go back into the woods.”


In fact, Pirro went on the streets of New York to see what they thought — and it doesn’t seem like many folks want Clinton at all — everyone wants her out of the spotlight.

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The video above shows a hilarious montage in which ticked-off New Yorkers tell it like it is — Clinton is a failure, and she needs to quit pretending that she is the head of the Democratic party.


The Democrats are looking for a leader. Former President Barack Obama is out. Clinton was supposed to oversee a smooth transition of power to ensure the continuation of the progressive agenda, but guess what? That didn’t work, either.

Their best bets are Tom Perez, the absolutely unhinged Democrat National Committee chairman, and Hillary Clinton, who is just… bad at elections.

“They’ve got this loser, who everybody thinks should go back into the woods,” said Pirro.

It’s probably one of the few things Pirro could agree on with liberal’s like HBO’s Bill Maher.


I kind of hope that she does stay out in the political realm — she’s fun to watch lose.

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