Watch: Judge Jeanine Sets Internet on Fire with Message for Anti-Free Speech “Snowflakes"


Berkeley’s anti-free speech snowflakes have a lot of Americans ticked, but few are as riled up as Judge Jeanine Pirro.

On her Saturday show, the Fox News personality lambasted the University of California students who had forced the cancellation of a speech by Ann Coulter on April 27.

According to The Washington Post, Coulter rejected a new date from the university and legal action was being mulled.


On her show, Pirro asked, “What’s with these college wimps, who can’t bear to hear a speaker and need a safe space — aka a college playpen — because they’re so traumatized by words?”

“Instead of having a hissy fit, you ought to go find a bunker to hide in for the next 50 years, because you aren’t going to make it in the real world,” she continued.

“Young people face drugs and gangs and wars and landmines and genocide, and you spoiled brats can’t listen to words? You’re wusses!”


Pirro also warned conservatives that they were under assault from the left — including former DNC head and screechmaster Howard Dean, who went on Twitter to try to characterize Coulter’s views as “hate speech” unprotected by the Constitution.

“America is in trouble,” Pirro said. “They are trying to silence you. A monstrous and pervasive movement is putting the First Amendment and your free speech, the most basic and fundamental tenets of our nation, at risk and in danger of extinction. And whether you’re on the left or on the right, free speech is essential to our democracy.”

“As you sit there, you are watching a silencing in real time, where people are not allowed to express their opinion if it does not align with the thinking of others,” she added.

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“Now, this is not an esoteric or academic discussion about one person or one campus. It’s happening all over, and it’s putting us on a course where we are in danger of becoming a fascist, totalitarian society where there is only one accepted point of view. No other will be tolerated, and it’s time to fight back.”

She also criticized Berkeley police for hanging back and not protecting Trump supporters who were assaulted by leftists during a rally last weekend.

“You know I love cops,” Pirro said. “I defend them. But their excuse for one arrest? They didn’t want to step in with full-scale riot forces because it could have led to bloodshed. Really? Did you guys go to rookie school? Did anyone tell you how to take someone into custody without going into full riot gear? You can’t take a snowflake in a ninja costume?”

You can watch her segment here:


Thankfully, we’re starting to see some mainstream media backlash against this preposterous affront to free speech. It may be too late for free speech at Berkeley, where it looks like Coulter may have been silenced and where students have rioted against conservatives before.

Next time a group of snowflakes want to shut down free speech, however, they’re going to have to think twice. Judge Pirro isn’t the only one who’s going to be fuming.

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