WATCH: Massive Loretta Lynch Lie Just EXPOSED, Bill and Hillary are Going DOWN

The hypocrisy of the Democrats continues to be revealed. For everything they accuse President Trump of doing, Obama has ACTUALLY done, and worse.

A leaked memo reveals that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was protecting Hillary Clinton from indictment. Loretta Lynch promised Hillary that the investigation wouldn’t “go too far.” The investigation was a sham from the beginning.

The statement was revealed by Republican Senator Chuck Grassely, who was questioning former FBI Director James Comey for the last time before he was fired.

It is clear that the fix was in and Loretta Lynch obstructed justice by preventing the FBI from engaging in a proper investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

This information is just the latest in the endless stream of the hypocrisy of the Democrats. The Democrats are accusing President Trump of obstructing justice, when they are guilty of much worse.

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According to the New York Times, Jame Comey recorded details of all of the meetings with President Trump in what is being described as the “Comey Memos.”

While the New York Times reporter has yet to see the memos firsthand, the paper claims that President Trump asked Comey not to drag his friend General Flynn into the political witch hunt of Russian interference. Pretty big claim for someone to make over a document they haven’t even SEEN yet.

The Comey Memos do not reveal that any crime has been committed, and James Comey confirmed that he was not threatened into dropping the case on Russian interference. It appears that the latest frivolous accusations against Trump are just an attempt to cover up the real obstruction of justice.

At worst, President Trump expressed to Comey that the investigation into Flynn was feckless, and he should not proceed. Loretta Lynch, on the other hand, actively undermined the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton and offered her assurance that charges were not be brought against the presidential candidate.

It is clear that the political elite and their media cronies follow a different set of rules, and James Comey was at the center of that two-tier justice system.

It is a good thing that President Trump won the election and removed the corrupt James Comey. Hopefully the rule of law will be restored to our great nation.


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