WATCH: Miss Wisconsin Risks Firestorm, Reveals What Trump Did to Her 10 Years Ago

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has tried to attack Republican rival Donald Trump as someone who degrades and disrespects women.

Most recently, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who has been helping with Clinton’s campaign, accused Trump of making disparaging remarks about her weight during his time as owner of the Miss USA pageant.

However, her accusations have been substantially outweighed by the experiences of other pageant contestantswho have come forward about their positive experiences with the GOP candidate.

For example, Miss Wisconsin 2005, Melissa Young, appeared on CNN Friday to counter charges of Trump being both sexist and racist.

Young explained that the GOP candidate had come to the aid of her family in “its darkest hour” when she was in the hospital battling a life-threatening blood clot.

Young did not specify the year, only that it was before Trump’s presidential candidacy. She said that her condition was severe enough to warrant her being given last rites.

In those dire circumstances, she received a note from Trump.

“Handwritten by Mr. Trump, it said ‘must be delivered by 8 a.m.,” she told CNN’s Carol Costello. “I opened it and there was a message from him saying, ‘To the bravest woman I know.’”

“It lifted my spirits,” she said. “He continued to do that, to reach out to check on me, to check on my son to see how he was doing.”

In Young’s view, Trump played a huge role in her recovery by showing her family kindness and continuously checking on her and her son, a Mexican-American.

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In fact, through his foundation, Trump has offered to provide a full-ride college scholarship to the 7-year-old boy.

Young said that the GOP candidate could easily point to instances like this while campaigning, using them to fight charges of racism and sexism, but he doesn’t because he didn’t show her kindness for his own personal gain, but because he’s a genuinely kind person.

“He has treated us with nothing but generosity and the utmost respect and dignity,” she said. “He has been a wonderful support system for me and my son.”

Watch Young tell about her positive experience with Trump here:


The Trump on display here is the man conservative voters have rallied behind, and he’s a completely different Trump from the one the Clinton campaign would have us take for the real man.

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