WATCH – ‘Moment Is Here!’ – Trump Releases Closing Ad To Win The Election, LANDSLIDE IMMINENT

Donald Trump is reminding voters of his all-important Make America Great Message. Trump is working hard during these final days of the 2016 presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton is busy fear mongering, trying to convince voters a President Trump is a “scary” proposition. Her attempt to deflect attention away from her emerging private email and Clinton Foundation scandals will not work.

“The American moment is here. Two choices. Two Americas. Decided by you,” the latest Donald Trump ad, “The American Moment Is Here,” begins.


Since the beginning, a long year-and-a-half ago, we patriots quickly realized the 2016 presidential election would be the most important vote of our lives. America has been on the wrong track for far too long and if we don’t right her course now, we probably won’t get another chance in our lifetime.

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The candidates are neck-and-neck in most states. Poll results from surveys held after the FBI James Comey letter story broke should be filtering out throughout the day today.

A Time magazine report already released some magnificent results from one such poll. Well, magnificent if you are Donald Trump or an American who respects and cherishes the Constitution.

This new tracking poll revealed 46 percent of likely voters believe Trump is more honest and deserving of trust than Hillary Clinton. The two presidential candidates were tied when that same question was posed to voters in September.

That’s an eight point jump for Donald Trump, due not to the fact that he is more honest or trustworthy than he already was, but likely because Clinton is even less so after her newest lies have been revealed. Approximately 60 percent of all voters disapproved of the way Hillary Clinton handled questions about her email.

When only Republicans were asked about Hillary’s email scandal, 90 percent disapproved of how the former Secretary of State handled the scandal. GOP loathing of Clinton is not exactly shocking, but should help solidify support inside that party and convince all Republicans to “come home” and vote for the nominee.

Hillary’s email scandal appears to have cost her the most with the all-important independent voting block. According to the same new poll, 69 percent of non-affiliated voters disapprove of her handling of the private email server scandal.

Her dishonest and illegal actions have even turned the tide in the Democrat party. Now, 29 percent of Democrats condemn her actions surrounding her emails. It is unlikely Bernie Sanders’ supporters are eager to vote for Hillary, they may go with a third party candidate, or Donald Trump, or just skip the top of the ballot entirely.

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