Watch – Obama, Bill, Hillary, you will rot in hell forever for this!

Open borders are killing America. Also many Americans are killed literally by illegal immigrants!

And liberals, specially Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton are going to rot in hell for what they did with open borders!

The mainstream media are salivating over and highly speculating about Donald Trump’s upcoming release of his immigration reform policy and companion speech. While the liberal pundits are debating whether or not Trump will “pivot” on his firm law and order stance on the matter, the Republican made a strong pledge to the grieving mothers who have lost children to violent acts by illegal immigrants.

“All we can say, because the loss is beyond anything we can even think of, is that they will not have died in vain because we won’t let it happen to others,” Donald Trump said.

During a town hall meeting hosted by Sean Hannity, Donald Trump sat with the victims’ mothers and listened to their heart wrenching and senseless stories of loss.

“Every one of our kids should be here with us today,” Laura Wilkerson said during the Austin town hall meeting with Donald Trump.

Wilkerson’s teenage son died after he was first tortured and then killed by an illegal immigrant.

She, like far too many others, feel both their families and the American people have been betrayed by a federal government that refuses to enforce existing law.

Ronald Gibboney was also one of the many Americans killed by an illegal immigrant in recent years.

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Gibboney was shot and killed in California in 2002.

His mother, Agnes, also got the opportunity to speak with Donald Trump about the murders and violent crimes being committed at the hands of illegal immigrants.

“Our children should be protected; our citizens should be protected. Us Americans should come first,” the heartbroken mother told the Republican presidential candidate. Agnes legally emigrated to the United States with her parents.

Mary Ann Mendoza’s police officer son was also killed by an illegal immigrant. She is livid at federal judges who “take the law into their own hands” and refuse to deport criminal illegal immigrants.

Liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and her open borders pal, George Soros, will not lift a finger to stop the carnage being dealt out by illegal immigrants. We need Trump to fix this issue, as far too many career politicians on both sides of the aisle have failed miserably—the blood of these women’s children, and thousands more, is on their hands.

These insane policy is destroying America. Why are they doing this?! Why are they putting America last and their political carriers and greediness first?!

When are we going to stop this madness?! Let’s do it in November! Let’s elect Trump – Pence in the White House!

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