WATCH: Previously Unseen Video Shows Hillary Acting Bizarre Before Campaign Rally

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has more scandals and rumors surrounding her campaign than could be covered in a year. One of the most pervasive rumors is that she has serious health problems and is a borderline alcoholic.

A video has recently resurfaced that is causing people to ask again whether Clinton has a drinking problem. The video in question was posted to the Snapchat account of New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker in June, but was re-posted to on Monday.

The video was shot by Booker. In it he told Clinton he was taking this video of her for Snapchat. That’s when things got strange. Clinton started dancing and snapping her fingers, even though there was no music around.

“Always happy to be here in Jersey!” she said quite loudly to the camera as she continued to sway about. You can watch the video below, but be warned — it is quite disturbing to see her dance.

With Secretary Clinton in Newark.

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) June 1, 2016
Watching her behavior in the video really does make you wonder if she is plastered or on some sort of very strong medication.

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Since this video was taken, we have learned that Clinton did have some health problems during the Democrat primaries — health problems she went out of her way to hide from the American public.

Clinton is normally an awkward person when she tries to act human, but this video is just cringe-worthy. If she was on some sort of medication, that is something people need to know about.

Having a president who is drugged up isn’t exactly in America’s best interests.

If she was drunk before the rally, that also is a cause for concern. If she can’t keep away from the bottle while campaigning, why should we think she can keep away from it while running the nation?

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