WATCH: Riders Shriek When Johnny Depp Sneaks Into Disney's Pirates Ride


Actor Johnny Depp recently proved that some folks in Hollywood still care about fans of all ages when he made a surprise appearance at California’s Disneyland.

Depp, who has famously played Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, showed up at the movies’ namesake attraction at the theme park on April 26.

Video footage taken from the ride showed Depp — dressed as Sparrow — surprising fans, talking to them, and having their reactions recorded, according to an Instagram post by The Disneyland Twins.


“It’s not everyday that you come to Disneyland and see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the pirates attraction surprising fans and having their reactions recorded,” the Instagram post said in conjunction with video of the surprise visit.

Other Instagram videos from those who experienced the pleasant surprise were also posted, in which viewers can hear the riders shrieking for joy once they realized who was standing before them.


The attraction’s participants were in boats passing Depp pretty quickly, so they weren’t able to actually “meet” the actor. However, he did speak to many of them and was close enough that they could easily see his face.

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One Instagram user, Jessica Nichole, said that the experience of seeing Depp dressed as Sparrow in real life made her life “complete.”


As heartwarming as it was to see this Hollywood actor taking time to interact with his fans in a way they would never forget, it wasn’t as much of a surprise as some may think.

In December 2016, Depp visited London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital dressed as Sparrow to cheer up children who were undergoing treatment there — many of whom were spending Christmas there, according to Movie Pilot.

“For me it’s a gift,” Depp told The Graham Norton Show. “They give me the gift. When my daughter was ill in Great Ormond Street it was the darkest period of my life. I’d always done these visits but after that experience the visits became more and more important. The kids are so courageous but to be able to bring a smile or a giggle to the parents means everything in the world to me.”

The fifth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” will make its nationwide debut on May 26 — which is probably not a coincidence.

H/T Movie Pilot

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