WATCH: Rush Sees What Happened To O’Reilly, Asks The 1 Question Liberals Feared

Rush Limbaugh has always been one to expose the truth, no matter what the cost. After what happened to Bill O’Reilly, he could easily lose his career for speaking out against liberals, but he’s not stopping!

On Thursday, Rush took to the web to ask a simple question, “Have you ever wondered why not a single left-wing media figure is ever the target of advertiser boycotts? Have you ever noticed that, and, if you haven’t, please take notice of it, and then ask yourself, why? What in the world could explain the one-sidedness of this?” (via Limbaugh)

The answer is obvious: there are liberal organizations that organize boycotts to try and attack conservative outlets. They do this by sending out emails to a massive group of subscribers instructing their followers to call in to advertisers and threaten to boycott. The liberals rely on statistics to achieve this.

Usually, these organizations send out thousands of emails with the hope that at least a small percentage of these liberal terrorist cells will activate and hound the advertiser. Because these big companies want to avoid a PR nightmare, they pull their advertising.

Conservatives do not engage in this behavior because we have a moral compass. The liberals hate that. They hate it so much that they try to hide the truth.

Conservative news outlets are also usually labeled “fake news” by these organizations, so that they can attempt to discredit them. The irony is that the perpetrators of this immoral behavior are the real culprits of fake news.

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It is a common tactic, and it is so transparent that no one really believes it, except the people already committed to liberalism. We need more conservative media.

Thankfully, Donald Trump has motivated our fellow patriots, and we are starting to see the spread of actual news. We should celebrate this, patriots.

We should also be aware that the mainstream media will continue to label true conservative media as “fake news.” They will try to spin anything and everything.

We don’t need to look further than the Obama era to know that the media cannot be trusted. The media would worship Obama, and thankfully, real Americans caught on and quickly. Unfortunately, the establishment was not able to put out a good candidate to defeat Obama in 2012; but, we endured, and we now have a great president, Donald Trump. We are now seeing the rise of conservative media, and the liberals hate it.

That is why the mainstream media went after Bill O’Reilly. They are scared of our movement, but we will not be stopped. The conservative media will soon take over, and the liberals will just have to deal with it.


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