Watch: 'The View' Sinks To New Low, Uses Jesus To Attack Trump In Most Bizarre Display Yet


The ladies of ABC’s The View are always ready to take aim at President Donald Trump. Monday’s program was no exception.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg was perplexed as to why Trump spent Easter tweeting reminders of winning the presidential election.

He also used his Twitter account to slam protestors who were demanding the release of his tax returns.


Co-host Sunny Hostin said Trump should have spent time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ instead of focusing on political issues.

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“He ran on this faith-based campaign and Easter Sunday — Resurrection Sunday — is the most holy religious day of the Christian faith,” Hostin said. “Rather than tweeting about new beginnings and hopefulness and the risen Lord, he’s tweeting about taxes and protests and North Korea.

“I wonder what the Evangelicals that supported him — 80 percent — and I wonder about the Catholics — I think it was 60 percent of white Catholics that voted for him — how they felt about that, because I felt it so disrespectful,” she added.

Co-host Sara Haines joked that “even Jesus rested on the seventh day.”


“He needs to understand people have a right to protest,” Jedediah Bila said of Trump’s criticism of protests against his presidency. “He needs to ignore it, he needs to respect it, and he needs to get to the work he’s supposed to be doing.”

Bila advised Trump to just stop talking about his tax returns as a way to avoid the subject from continually making news.

But some Trump supporters, replying to his Easter Twitter messages, said Democrats will never leave the issue alone because their objective is to “endlessly resist.”

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