WATCH – Trump Exposes Hillary’s Felonies In BRUTAL New Ad, She Will LOSE If People See It

According to early estimates, 40 million people were tuned-in to watch game seven of the World Series. They also watched a scathing television ad aimed at Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“The Clintons, from dead broke to worth hundreds of millions. So, how did Hillary end up filthy rich?” the ad asks. A great question. How does a lifelong public servant rake in hundreds of millions?


The answer? “Pay to play” politics. This is when people buy access to government officials and bribe them to make certain decisions. It is illegal.

“Staggering amounts of cash poured into the Clinton Foundation from criminals, dictators, and countries that hate America,” the ad continued. As secretary of state, Clinton held the keys to doors that many in the world wanted to enter. And if they had the money, she was more than happy to hold those doors open for them.

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Recently discovered emails show that Clinton sold access to both businesses and political leaders from all over the world, funneling hundreds of millions through the Clinton Foundation.

This ad was timely, not only in that it took advantage of a massive TV audience, but it was aired just a few hours after the FBI leaked that it did, indeed, have an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

On his show Special Report last night, Brett Baer said his sources within the FBI confirmed there is an ongoing investigation and an indictment of Clinton is “likely.” The investigation has been going on for more than a year, and many people have been interviewed in regards to it.

So, that makes two open investigations into Hillary Clinton, the other being the mishandling of classified information through a private, unsecured email server. Two active investigations into a presidential hopeful’s activities just days before the election. This is surreal.

The Clinton camp has spent hundreds of millions attacking their opponent, Donald Trump, and landed some nasty shots. They have shown Trump to be a foul-mouthed womanizer who has had multiple bankruptcies and hates paying taxes.

None of this is true, but even if it were, Trump still wouldn’t be a criminal. And that seems to make all the difference in the minds of We the People as Clinton’s polls hit rock bottom and Trump’s glide up. It seems we prefer locker room banter to felonious behavior.

With only a few days left until election day, November 8th, there are still many undecided voters who can and will be swayed by powerful ads like this one. Experts say these voters are the determining factor of this race.

To you undecided voters, ask yourself what this country will do when our president is moving from the West Wing to Sing Sing. It is likely to happen. It’s not too late to board the Trump Train—consider this ad your official invitation on board.

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