Watch: Trump Levels Brutal Insult to Host of "Face The Nation" … to His Face


President Donald Trump appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, and if you were looking to see a confrontation between the president and one of the more liberal networks in the broadcast firmament, you definitely didn’t walk away disappointed.

In fact, Trump even went after the program itself, telling host John Dickerson that he refers to the Sunday morning political chat show as “Deface the Nation.”

Trump made the remark in response to a question by Dickerson about comments the president made in an interview with Reuters.


In that interview, published on Saturday, Trump said that the presidency “is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

“Well, it’s a tough job. But I’ve had a lot of tough jobs,” Trump told Dickerson. “I’ve had things that were tougher, although I’ll let you know that better at the end of eight years, perhaps eight years, hopefully eight years. But I’ll let you know later on.

“I think we’ve done very well with foreign policy. I think we’ve done very, very well with relationships with other leaders. I think we’re doing great on trade deals.”


Trump then took aim at media bias on those issues.

“And I think, actually, I’ve been very consistent,” Trump said. “You know, it’s very funny when the fake media goes out, you know, which we call the mainstream media, which, sometimes, I must say is you.”

“Do you mean me personally, or …,” the “Face the Nation” host responded.

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“Well, your show. I love your show,” Trump said. “I call it ‘Deface the Nation.’ But, you know, your show is sometimes not exactly correct.”


You can see the exchange here:

Lest you think that Trump’s comments were unwarranted, consider the open of the show. In it, Dickerson discussed Trump’s rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a return “to the comfort of a campaign rally for the president” where there were “no critics in sight.”

Contrast this with the show’s general attitude towards his predecessor, which can be summed up thusly: “Barack Obama — greatest president or greatestest president?”

You can tell through the smile that host John Dickerson wasn’t expecting to hear this one. He ought to, though — especially since Trumpisms do tend to catch on.

H/T The Daily Caller

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