Watch: Trump Made 1 Epic Declaration at Speech That Had American Cops Cheering


Speaking Monday at the 36th annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, President Donald Trump delivered an epic speech in which he emphatically declared that attacks on America’s law enforcement agents must end.

“The attacks on our police are a stain on the very fabric of our society, and you are entitled to leadership at the highest level that will draw a bright line in the sand — not a red line in the sand that isn’t gone over — but a bright line in the sand,” he said, according to a White House transcript.

“And we will protect you,” he continued. “That I can tell you. And we will say, ‘Enough is enough.’ The attacks on our police must end, and they must end right now.”


Trump also took aim at the left’s anti-cop rhetoric, stating unequivocally that “the reckless words of incitement that give rise to danger and give rise to violence” must also be halted.

“It is time to work with our cops, not against them, but to support them in making our streets safe; not to obstruct them — which we’re doing, we obstruct them,” he said, presumably referring to former President Barack Obama’s litany of anti-cop initiatives.

In fact, the president’s statements contrasted sharply with what Obama said during a memorial service in Dallas last year for five local officers who were killed in a planned ambush.


As reported by the New York Post at the time, he used his speech to peddle racial myths and gun control arguments, going so far as to claim that it was easier for a poor child to obtain a gun than a book.

Trump did no such thing Monday, instead focusing his speech entirely on the police and making sure America’s law enforcement agents knew how much the American appreciate them.

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“Because you do not hear nearly enough, I want you to know that patriotic Americans of all backgrounds truly support and love our police,” he said. “And a very sad thing is that many of today’s politicians don’t want to say that, don’t want to talk about that because it’s not politically correct or they think it might hurt them with the voters.

“I will say it and I will talk about it proudly,” he added. “I will make it the personal priority of my administration to ensure that our police are finally treated fairly, with honor and respect that they deserve.”


To hear his full speech, play the video below. Trump’s “personal priority” declaration part comes about the 9:40 mark:

What a breath of fresh air. While all Americans — or at least the conservative ones — appreciate having a real leader in office, this appreciation likely pales in comparison to the immense gratitude felt by America’s finest.

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