WATCH – Urgent Video Message to All Trump Voters Released, Spread This Everywhere!

The latest Donald Trump fan video, “Wear Red #VoteRed,” reminds us all how important it is to show up to be counted on election day.

“We must overwhelm the polls,” the Trump fan video urges. “Don’t go to the polls alone—they will bring buses.” 


November 8th – Wear Red, #VoteRed

November 8th – Wear Red, #VoteRed

Posted by Milo Yiannopoulos on Saturday, October 22, 2016

We can no longer tolerate being governed by an elite class of career politicians who have been taught to think the rules do not apply to them. Only those willing to be treated as subjects, instead of citizens, will cast a ballot for anyone other than Donald Trump.

“We will overcome. We will overwhelm,” the viral Donald Trump fan video continues. The video reminds us it is our patriotic duty to work diligently to educate others about the value of having a President Trump as well as the horrors we would all be subject to if a Hillary Clinton administration comes to pass.

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Deep-pocket liberal donors have been allowed to control far too much of this election—everything from the media right down to the signs on our lawns. Plus, they’ve controlled our lives for the past eight years.

“They have fought dirty, paid agitators, and committed voter fraud,” the Trump fan video accurately points out.

The prime example of this kind of liberal donor (but not the only one) is George Soros, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters. Besides being a criminal who commits voter fraud, Soros is an outspoken advocate for open borders. In private, Hillary Clinton agrees with him.

Hillary doesn’t understand or care about what our nation needs to be safe. She also has absolutely no desire to work for the middle class. She will raise our taxes and continue to force Obamacare and its poor but expensive insurance upon We the People.

The speeches Clinton made to the Wall Street donor class reveal she will say anything to get what she wants—power. The WikiLeaks email dumps gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of Hillary’s mind and character, and it’s not pretty, folks.

Clinton will serve no one’s interests but her own. She always has… always will. By her own admission, she doesn’t even like the American people. If she did, she would not call tens of millions of us deplorable, irredeemable basement dwellers or threaten to take the food out of the mouths of coal miner’s children by putting the companies their parents’ work for out of business!

Tell everyone you know: if you want to survive, thrive, and save America—vote Trump!

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