Watch: Watters Offers Alternate Reason Why Libs Are Tearing Down Monuments

Over the past week, increasing numbers of liberals across the United States have called for any and all monuments dedicated to famous Confederate generals to be torn down because  they say such monuments and memorials are racist.

While almost everyone (except the very worst of society) can agree that the terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12 was horrific, the issue of tearing down statues is another matter.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters had an interesting take on Saturday on why liberals are suddenly so keen to tear down parts of history on his show, “Watters’ World,” Breitbart reported.

“Destroying any historical monument is what the Taliban does, not American citizens,” Watters explained during the monologue segment of the show, “Watters’ Words.”

“All of these Confederate war heroes were Democrats. Democrats were the party of slavery. Maybe the left wants to tear down these statues, so the country forgets the Democratic Party enslaved black people,” he added.

You can watch his full remarks here:

Watters continued by suggesting that perhaps Democrats weren’t just looking to erase their own soiled past, they just wanted to remove any and all monuments to great American heroes.

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Watters isn’t wrong. Over the past week, a number of liberals have come out of the woodwork, stating that monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other American heroes should be torn down because they owned slaves.

Watters highlighted a few incidents to prove his point, such as VICE News posting a tweet calling for Mount Rushmore to be blown up, and an incident where someone torched a bust of Abraham Lincoln in Chicago.

“And he was the one who freed the slaves. And Chicago is in the land of Lincoln. Open a history book!” Watters exclaimed.

Liberals mocked President Donald Trump when he suggested last week that Democrats would be coming for other historical monuments next, but so far he has been proven right.

Yes, owning slaves was bad — we’re not excusing that. However Washington, Jefferson and other Founding Fathers should be remembered for a lot more than slavery. These great men founded this entire nation and gave us the liberties we all hold dear today.

The next time some liberal calls for a monument to George Washington to be torn down, they should consider the fact that his actions are the only reason they have the freedom to say such an outrageous statement today.

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