What Really Happened To Tomi Lahren Just Revealed – It All Makes Sense Now – Report


Tomi Lahren’s problems at The Blaze did not begin with her controversial comments about abortion: they were merely the straw that broke the camel’s back regarding her continued employment with the conservative outlet, according to a new report.

The meteoric rise and fall of conservative firebrand Lahren echoes many tragic tales of young people that “hit it big” early in life, only to have it stripped away at a moment’s notice.

In the case of Lahren, her pivotal moment was when The Blaze decided to suspend and later fire her after she came out strongly in support of abortion rights on ABC’s The View last month.


Lahren was quick to sue the company, saying she was wrongfully terminated. However, it seems her views on abortion were just one of issues that proved problematic for her employer.

The host of Tomi had it coming for quite awhile, according to a report from the Daily Caller, who spoke with several sources within The Blaze to dish out all the details on where it went wrong.

Besides butting heads with other popular Blaze hosts, such as Dana Loesch and Lawerence Jones, Lahren allegedly thrived off the drama she created.


“Even when you wanted to give her a chance, she would go out of her way to make people mad,” one person said. “It’s like she got a high off of creating a hostile work environment.”

The twenty-four-year old also seemed more concerned about overall popularity than if what she was saying was actually morally decent.

“At least they’re talking about me,” sources reported her often saying.

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“She was always trying to chase that next million-view video,” one person added.


Apparently, Lahren was also very demanding of her staff — making assistants heat up her “butt warming pad,” complaining about lighting and room temperature, and arguing over editing, directing and shooting.

Lahren also suffered on the business-end of things as well. The Blaze made sure to address this in their countersuit against Lahren.

“Several advertisers reported that Lahren was difficult to work with and that their advertisements performed poorly on her show, which resulted in lower than expected advertising support for Lahren,” the lawsuit states.

Sources within The Blaze also said Lahren had a poor work ethic and refused to work morning hours.

“She’s just not a pro and has ambition above her skill set and attitude,” one source said. “She created a toxic atmosphere and was not easy for people to work with.”

Strangely enough, even though Lahren claimed she’d been terminated from The Blaze and unable to access her Facebook account — where she enjoys over 4 million followers — she posted a video on her official page Tuesday.

“Over the last year there have been a ton of stories about TheBlaze based on anonymous sources within TheBlaze, many of which have not been flattering to the company. And yet, I’ve not seen a single story about anonymous sources within TheBlaze who say that Tomi is a really nice person who is being treated unfairly,” one source said. “Wonder why that is?”

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