When This Muslim Migrant FAILS To Surrender, Police Let Their K9 SHRED Him To Pieces! (VIDEO)

I’m not sure where this is, but it’s a good bet it’s Sweden or Germany. A Muslim migrant was in a convenience store and doing evidently things he should not have been doing.

The police arrived and when he would not surrender, they set their trusty German Shepherd on him… good boy! The moron had backed himself into a corner, so it was not hard for the dog to get to him and drag him down… hard.

Commit a crime (which Muslims are wont to do) and expect the police to respond, perhaps forcefully or maybe even with deadly force. The guy is darn lucky the dog didn’t latch onto his privates and rip them off. So, see… things could have been even better. The moron did get struck by an officer, but did not have enough sense to just surrender. Instead, he starts screaming and eventually the dog joined in on the fight.

From LiveLeak:

armour your flanks with display units and back yourself into a corner using the snacks as camo


When the dog bit into the guy, his screaming changed to the painful kind. It looked to me like that pup bit into the guys hands and would not let go. I doubt he’ll be using them for anything purposeful for a while. No big loss, I’m sure. That dog never let go as far as I can tell and I bet he kept his teeth sunk in until the officer ordered him to release. Tastes like chicken?

The guy must have been stealing stuff and he can’t be very bright if he hung around until the police showed up. That officer wasn’t kidding either. He was beating the holy crap out of the guy. But the German Shepherd was the final dose of reality for the guy. Let’s hope he spent a long time in lockup and then got his arse deported. I love happy endings.


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