White Girl Burned Alive, 17 Black Gang Members Arrested… Media REFUSES To Report It

The more you study it, the more you realize that there are literally countless examples of media bias. Sometimes, it isn’t what the media cover, but what they ignore that really gives you a glimpse into how they feel about a certain issue.

In 2014, a white girl pumping gas in Mississippi was kidnapped by black gang members, doused with gasoline, and then burned alive a few miles from the gas station, per US Herald. After an investigation, the FBI made an arrest of 17 gang members in December 2015. The gangs involved were the Black Gangster Disciples, the Vice Lords, and the Sipp Mob. 

Do you remember hearing about these arrests last December? I didn’t either, so I guess the media had better things to cover.

This kind of media blackout happens so often that many feel it is indicative of a disturbing trend. If an incident such as this does make it, it often only merits a passing mention on the air, but it is definitely not front-page news.

Now, I can’t even imagine the terror that this girl must have felt when she went through this. She was not only going to die, but it was going to be a horrible, painful death.

There is truly nothing worse than fire on bare skin. A cousin of mine had a burning incident, and he has never been the same since it happened.

If I was this girl’s father, I can imagine the immense fury I would feel at these gang members and at the mainstream media as well for refusing to cover the story and giving it the full attention it deserved.

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The fact they have sacrificed the truth on the altar of political correctness and failed to mention who was truly responsible for such a heinous action would mean, at the very least, that I would never trust the media again.

Of course, you are wondering if justice actually prevailed in this case, and it would appear that it did. However, this is going to make my point as well because it took quite a bit of digging into this incident to determine what happened in the aftermath.

Earlier this year, another man was arrested and is now being charged with capital murder over this incident. That means he is probably going to be sentenced to the death penalty if he is convicted for the crime.

The mainstream media are now famous for misinformation. Take the latest terrorist attack at Ohio State as one example. The media immediately thought it was a gun attack and started parroting their favorite gun control tag lines.

Newsflash: it wasn’t a “gun” attack. It was a terrorist attack using a knife and a car. Isn’t it time we had media outlets that reported the news instead of airing their biases? I think so.


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