WHO Mike Pence Brought to the Super Bowl Says EVERYTHING About Him

As I sat watching the opening ceremonies of Super Bowl LI, I could not help but notice Vice President Mike Pence sitting in the crowd. Then I noticed who had with him.

After thinking about it, Pence inviting two service members who were injured fighting terrorism is exactly what I would expect from Pence…

Ever since Trump took over the office, the pace has been breakneck.

With Trump in Florida attending a charity event with Melania, this weekend was a chance for everyone to catch their breath and take a quick break.

Not Pence! Instead, he jumped on a plane to pick up two of our brave heroes and give them a treat of a lifetime.

Not only are they meeting the Vice President, but they are getting to go to THE football game of year in a suite and root on their respective teams (one member is a Patriots fan and the other is a Falcons fan).

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This is exactly the type of man Pence is… selfless. Everything I have ever seen or heard about the man has him putting others before himself.

In this case, it is Sgt. Mannino and Sgt. Frederick, who were injured in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively. Sgt. Mannino was joined by his wife and Sgt. Frederick was joined by his nurse from Walter Reed (Sgt. Stanley).

Regardless of the final score, I would imagine this will be a day to remember for both service members.

I could not be prouder of Mr. Pence or his guests. As promised, our president and this administration are putting the brave men and women who sacrifice everything for this country first. And it’s about time!


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H/T: www.angrypatriotmovement.com

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