WikLeaks: Clinton Plans To Fill Middle East White House Team With Former Obama Staffers

During her most recent meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the sidelines of the annual gathering of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stressed that she would not automatically adopt President Obama’s Israel policies.

She claimed she wouldn’t support any attempt to impose a solution “to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including by the Security Council.”

“In the meeting with the Israeli PM Clinton stressed ‘her opposition to any attempt by outside parties to impose a solution’ to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ‘including by the UN Security Council,’ according to a statement released by her campaign. She further reaffirmed her commitment to a two-state solution negotiated directly by the parties” the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported Sept. 26.

Clinton was referring to the position of some of Obama’s closest Israel advisers who believe that the president should leave a set of new parameters behind on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict before he leaves the White House in January.

“What that means is that regardless of what resolutions the Obama team might try to get through the Security Council, Clinton will promote direct negotiations between the two sides — and that she won’t try to force the Israelis to accept any Obama parameters as a basis for negotiations,” The American Interestreported after the meeting.

Thia sounded fairly reassuring after eight years of sour relations and even conflicts between the White House and the Israeli government, but this weekend Wikileaks revealed that Clinton plans to fill her White House Middle East team with the same former Obama staffers.

Those are the people who played a significant role in the deterioration of the ties between the United States and Israel over the last eight years.

WikiLeaks released email correspondence between former U.S. diplomat Stuart Eizenstat and top Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan.

Eizenstat told Sullivan that an unnamed Israeli official had told him Netanyahu isn’t overly concerned with the prospect of working with Hillary Clinton in case she might be elected but with the make-up of her Middle East team.

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In an email from 2015, Eizenstat wrote Sullivan that Netanyahu wonders if the Clinton administration will be “a Saban Forum for four years” due to “the people around her, not her.”

The former diplomat was referring to the annual “Saban Forum” in Washington D.C.,that gives a podium to mostly Democratic officials who are very critical of Israel.

“The leaked batch of emails also revealed Clinton was personally asked to sign off on documents that would ultimately be presented to the press on her ‘pro-Israel’ credentials, in a chain with the subject line: ‘Re: Hillary Clinton to Jewish donors: I’ll be better for Israel than Obama – POLITICO,’” according to the Jerusalem Post.

Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser will be U.S. Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman who was already a top-official in former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Sherman was Bill Clinton’s chief-negotiator during the negotiations that led to the agreement with North Korea that ultimately resulted in a nuclear weapon in the hands of one of the most rogue regimes on the planet.

Sherman also negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran on behalf of the Obama administration after Hilary Clinton and Sullivan initiated secret diplomacy with the Islamic Republic.

The email correspondence revealed by WikiLeaks showed that Sullivan is actually very concerned with Sherman’s Iran deal and didn’t object to calling Iran a “nuclear capable state”.

The revelation came at a moment Yukiya Amano, the secretary general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, announced that there are still problems with the implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran that could become “big political issues” that will have “a large negative influence on the agreement.”

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