Woman Spots Orange-Colored Alligator Next to Pond


A woman is South Carolina was shocked when she saw an unusual creature emerge from a pond in her neighborhood. She snapped a photo of the creature that sparked curiosity throughout the internet. Something like this has not really been see before. Crazy!

Laura Carson from Hanahan, South Carolina, noticed the strange creature coming out of the pond. Upon closer inspection she realized it was an alligator, which isn’t unusual in those parts. However, what was unusual was the alligator’s color … it was a bright orange.

She snapped a photo of the orange alligator and posted it on Facebook on Fe. 7 with the caption, “So, there’s an orange alligator at the pond in front of our neighborhood…You don’t see that everyday.” The alligator was reportedly about 4 to 5 feet long.



Now, residents and experts are curious about what caused the alligator’s color to change. Herpetologist, Josh Zalabak, spoke with WBCD News 2 and speculated that “Algae … maybe some pollutant in the water,” might be the cause. “Its hard to say unless the water is tested,” he added.

South Carolina’s Alligator Program Coordinator thinks that rust, i.e. iron oxide from a steel pipe, might be a more likely culprit. Other experts in the field have suggested that maybe the alligator will shed its skin and return to its natural shade… which could even be an albino white, they said.


Meanwhile South Carolina’s Alligator Program Coordinator thinks the color is due to rust, i.e. iron oxide, from a steel pipe.

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There was a previous orange alligator found in Florida according to a 2011 Christian Science Monitor, which commented that the color probably derives from “paint, stain, iron oxide or some other element in the environment that has left a coating on the animal, making it appear orange.” The fact that no one can agree on a definitive answer is odd.

Alligators generally don’t make the news unless something goes terribly wrong, but this story is a welcome exception.


Any way you color it… this is definitely bizarre.

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